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What We Know, and What the Court System Is Learning

Mary Triggiano, the presiding judge of Milwaukee County Children’s Court opened a three-day conference last week on moving toward a trauma-informed…

Redefining Family in ILS

Perhaps most of us would define our family as the group of people we grew up with, usually ancestral. For our youth who have aged out of foster care,…

New Foster Parent Steps Up to the Plate

Posted on Sep 24th, 2015 - By Ada Young, family engagement specialist - 0 Comments

I have been with SaintA since March 2015, facilitating family interactions between biological parents and their children. I also interact with foster…

Parent Cafes to Return This Fall for SaintA Families

Posted on Sep 14th, 2015 - By Sonja Kania, director of Family Services - 0 Comments

“It was very empowering and supporting.” “I felt like some weight was lifted off me to hear that others have similar problems.” “I felt…

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Claudia Meyer Lrg

Occupational Therapy Is All About Wellness

Posted on Oct 12th, 2015 - By Peter Ryan - 0 Comments

“Wellness is not just the absence of illness. It’s living your best life despite whatever is going on in your life.” So says Claudia Meyer,…

Hip Hop Class 3 Lrg

Hip-Hop Classes Help Residential Boys Shine in Many Ways

Posted on Sep 17th, 2015 - By Peter Ryan - 0 Comments

“So, how was your day today? Can you name one good thing one of the other boys did that made you feel good? You know, this is about appreciation…

Renee Lard Lrg

A Cousin’s Care Brings a World of Change to a Teenager

Posted on Aug 20th, 2015 - By Peter Ryan - 1 Comment

Renee Lard never wanted to have children of her own. She was always the one caring for family members, from a sister who was born with a form of…

Abbi Myers Experiential Therapy Lrg

Activities Bring Fun and Enhance Childhoods

Posted on Jul 23rd, 2015 - By Peter Ryan - 0 Comments

Among the many goals of experiential therapy are to offer young people a chance to overcome perceived limitations, experience success, explore…

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