Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment focuses on assessment, stabilization, treatment and transition planning for boys ages 5 through 16 with serious emotional and behavioral challenges. The program includes individual, group and family therapy, as well as recreational programming, health services and schooling. Boys usually are referred through state or county human services agencies and the Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services.

Our residential units provide a safe environment where children develop the skills they need to help them succeed. Treatment plans are individualized and families are very much involved. Our services are specifically designed to thoroughly assess and lessen the impact trauma has on behavior. We develop formal trauma-outcome measurements and provide sensory-based treatments tailored to each child’s needs.

Program highlights include:

  • Role modeling, counseling and 24-hour supervision by trained care counselors
  • Education in SaintA’s Transitions Therapeutic School
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Therapy groups on anger management, social skills and decision making
  • Resident involvement in creating individualized plans for ongoing services and support
  • Recreational activities developed by a therapeutic team
  • A variety of interventions to address trauma the boys may have experienced, including art therapy, yoga, martial arts classes stressing self-control and respect, animal-assisted therapy, and OT groups at which boys practice rhythmic and repetitive activities geared at soothing and calming the brain and promoting self-control

Assessment services

Boys receive a psychological evaluation that includes a complete child history summary; intellectual, cognitive and academic testing; psychological, emotional and diagnostic testing; brief neuropsychological screening; staff and family/caregiver observations and recommendations for treatment, services and interventions as necessary. Other specific clinical assessments will be provided as needed and may include: alcohol and drug abuse evaluation, juvenile sex offender assessment, trauma assessment or reactive attachment disorder evaluation. A team of therapists also conducts a complete neurosequential model of therapeutics (NMT™) assessment for each child, to inform the treatment plan.

Respite care

Our living units are available for short-term respite care, which provides temporary placement (up to nine days per episode) for boys ages 5 through 16 who are experiencing difficulties at home or in other placements. Respite provides a break for the care provider while ensuring the child is safe and his needs are being met.

For program referrals and admission information, contact:

Mike O’Leary
Residential Admissions Coordinator
(414) 465-1345

Transitions Therapeutic School

This full-day program for boys ages 5 through 16 with emotional and behavioral challenges combines academics and therapy to provide the skills that are necessary to integrate them back into their community school. The school serves boys in our Residential program. We value family involvement, and family members participate in an initial meeting to review the individual education plan, attend parent-teacher conferences, social events and treatment team meetings.

The school features:

  • Full days during the school year, half days in summer
  • Classrooms averaging 12 students, allowing individual attention
  • A certified special education teacher and a para educator in each class
  • An integrated curriculum that emphasizes activity-based learning

Education and Therapeutic services

The school’s core curriculum includes reading and language arts, math and social studies. Individual and group therapy are provided, focusing on behavioral self-control, anger management, social skills, adolescent issues, self-esteem and substance abuse.

Helpful Resources

Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools

For more information, contact:

Director of Residential Clinical Services
(414) 465-5753

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