Integrated Community Treatment

The Integrated Community Treatment Department at SaintA provides therapeutic and mental health consultation services to children and families throughout southeast Wisconsin. We use multiple platforms at every level of intervention to focus on early intervention and prevention and the integration of the Seven Essential Ingredients of trauma informed practices.

School Based Services

Children and Families in Washington County are served in our School Based Services Program. Therapists work with children ages 3–15 to provide direct therapy services in the school setting, meeting with families and caregivers in the community and in their homes, providing teacher consultation and support, and facilitating group therapy during the summer. Please see our School Based Services page for more information.

Clinical NMT Consultation

SaintA provides clinical consultation services that can be individualized to meet the needs of a child or adolescent, a family, school or county. Therapists utilize the multiple trauma assessments and make recommendations using the neurosequential model of therapeutics (NMTTM) framework. Please see our Clinical Consultations page to learn more about our menu of trauma informed consultations.

Mental Health Consultation

Therapists in our Integrated Community Treatment Department provide mental health consultation for Head Start programs in Milwaukee and Racine Counties. In partnership with Acelero Learning of Wisconsin, SaintA therapists provide support to Head Start staff, family advocates, and parents. Here are some ways we support teachers and staff:

  • Observe classrooms to support teachers with challenges in the classroom
  • Support staff with questions or concerns about a specific student, a family or broader questions
  • Attend and provide training opportunities for professional development on specific mental health topics, developmental topics, or trauma informed care topics
  • Complete TPOT observations and Pyramid model intervention
  • Help find resources for families or classroom wide interventions
  • Consult with teachers, parents and staff for in-home challenges

Birth to Three Reflective Supervision

Therapists in our program provide reflective supervision to early intervention services in programs such as Birth to Three and Early Head Start home visiting programs. Services are provided by a therapist who has completed the Infant, Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Certificate/Capstone Program and has met the guidelines for Infant Mental Health Endorsement Level III or IV. Learn more about Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC). 

Reflective supervision and consultation is a shared exploration of the parallel process that attends to all relationships, including: practitioner and supervisor, practitioner and parent, and between parent and infant/toddler.

Primary Objectives of Reflective Supervision include:

  • Establish consistent and predictable meeting times
  • Provide supervision/consultation to practitioners and supervisors independent of each other
  • Create an environment to listen, nurture and support one another
  • Foster the reflective process to allow it to be internalized by supervisee
  • Explore the parallel process and allow time for personal reflection
  • Form a trusting relationship between supervisor and practitioner

Comprehensive Community Services

Comprehensive Community Services (CSS) are state and county administered and our services are contracted by local county Human Services Departments and Behavioral Health Departments. in multiple regions in southeast Wisconsin. SaintA CCS programs are available in multiple regions in southeast Wisconsin to provide psychosocial rehabilitation services in a person-centered and developmentally appropriate manner. Our therapists provide:

  • Psychotherapy Services for individuals and families in the home or community setting
  • Service Planning and Facilitation, including assisting youth, teachers and staff in a school setting
  • Psychoeducation for individuals or families, including: skills training, problem solving and guidance for managing mental and behavioral health needs in the home or classroom setting
  • Individual Skill Development and Enhancement, including training in communication, interpersonal skills, problem solving, and self-regulation in home, school or community settings

For more information, contact:

Carey Jacobsen
Program Manager
(262) 844-6310

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