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  • Responding to Urban Trauma in Real Time

    With Hendriel Anderson, Mobile Urgent Treatment Team Last month, SaintA and the City of Milwaukee co-hosted a conversation about childhood adversity and its impact on our urban communities. Several local adversity and trauma informed care experts gave a panel response after the keynote address, “Childhood Stress and Urban Poverty: The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on ... Continue→
  • Foster Parents Curb the Chaos, Provide Structure for Kids

    When we asked several youth from SaintA’s Independent Living Services what makes a good foster parent, some of the answers surprised us. In addition to being loving, caring and supportive, find out what makes a good foster parent. Watch the video, featuring our ILS youth in their own words, below.Passion. Determination. And believe it or not, ... Continue→
  • SaintA Foster Parents Recognized for Exceptional Care

    Thomas and Lillian Rivera, SaintA licensed foster parents, received a Governor’s Foster Parent Award on May 2 at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison. The award was presented by Secretary of the Department of Children and Families, Eloise Anderson and Wisconsin First Lady Tonette Walker. The Riveras were one of six families to receive this annual ... Continue→
  • Unconditional Love Is Critical to Foster Kids’ Futures

    We asked several youth from SaintA’s Independent Living Services to reflect on what it feels like to hope for, have, and occasionally be surprised by, unconditional love. Now young adults, many are going to school, to work and into parenthood themselves. And they all demonstrate what happens when resilient children grow into persevering adults. Watch the future ... Continue→
  • What Happens When Bio and Foster Parents Work Together?

    In the video below, former foster kids talk about how stress on the child can be eased when they see their bio and foster parents working together. What’s more, when bio and foster parents work together to nurture the child, permanency can usually be achieved more quickly. When you become a foster parent, you can also ... Continue→
  • Understanding Urban ACES Is Critical to Milwaukee

    “This is not a theoretical issue for the city,” Mayor Tom Barrett said in opening a SaintA- co-sponsored seminar April 12 on trauma, poverty and the links to health and violence. “This is about as real as it gets.”Mayor Tom Barrett addressing the panel and audience“Childhood Adversity & Poverty: Creating a Collaborative Response,” co-sponsored by ... Continue→
  • Siblings Belong Together

    When children are removed from their homes due to unsafe circumstances, the first thing they need is some sense of normalcy. Our ability to keep siblings together in a foster care placement provides at least a little bit of that. As some of our former foster youth tell us in the video below, it can be ... Continue→
  • Teens in Foster Care Are Kids, Too

    Did you know 25% of kids in out-of-home care in Wisconsin are teens? Watch as these SaintA Independent Living Services clients (all of whom are former foster kids), talk about why older youth need just as much care, guidance and love as younger children. And in some ways, may need more.Teens are kids, too. Please ... Continue→
  • Residential Program Creates “SaintA’s Family Song”

    A few weeks ago, we told you about a music- and relationship-building program in SaintA Residential. You can read that story, Mobile Beat Lab Brings More Than Music to Residential here.The six-week program culminated this week in a number of finished recordings, which were burned onto CDs and given to the Residential (Res) boys to ... Continue→
  • Former Foster Youth Speaks Out Against the Stigma

    Daniel, a SaintA Independent Living Services client, sheds light on one of the most common misconceptions about kids in foster care. In the video below, Daniel suggests that putting the stigma-evoking adjective “foster” in front of the word “kid” isn’t fair to the children and youth who are in the system, due to no fault of ... Continue→
  • Beloved and Innovative Former CEO Al Kasprowicz Remembered

    To say Al Kasprowicz was a forward thinker would be an understatement. Even early in his tenure at St. Aemilian’s, Al anticipated – and sometimes, instigated – major changes in the field of child welfare at the Diocesan, public and county levels. His innovations far exceeded the 1960’s expectations of orphanages and opened the door ... Continue→
  • The Need for Foster Parents Is Great. The Rewards Are Greater.

    There are 6,000 kids in out-of-home care in Wisconsin at any given time and 25% of them are teenagers. To bring awareness to the need for foster parents for children and youth of all ages, the SaintA Foster Care and Treatment Foster Care teams asked some former foster youth if they’d be willing to share ... Continue→
  • Mobile Beat Lab Brings More Than Music to Residential

    Beyonce. Dr. Dre. The Weekend.Hilton Morris and SHIFT students are leading song-writing and beat-making sessions for Res boys.Those are just three of the most popular answers given by SaintA Residential (Res) boys in response to the always-tough-to-pick-just-one question: Who’s your favorite musical artist? The boys were gathered at the Franciscan Room of the SaintA Capitol Drive campus on ... Continue→
  • Two Takes on “Paper Tigers”: A Film About Trauma Sensitive Schools

    Last fall, a number of SaintA staff got to see the film “Paper Tigers” by James Redford when the agency sponsored it at Milwaukee Film Festival. With another one of Redford’s documentaries, “Resilience,” making a splash at Sundance and other film festivals, it’s a good time to think about how far the topics of Adverse ... Continue→
  • Siblings and Special Needs Kids Are Their Passion

    The 2-year-old girl sits at the kitchen table, gripping a handful of Goldfish crackers and scowling. “Are you mean-mugging your daddy?” Mom asks with a laugh. Indeed she is. Because Daddy taught her to scowl. And that’s because she doesn’t talk much, and facial expressions help her communicate. And, in this case, have some fun. The girl is ... Continue→
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